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Brian & Tom Mizon
Master Thatchers
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 Straw Golden Eagle

                                                                                                                                                                                             Great Wratting Suffolk  

The Mizon Family have been thatching in Cambridgeshire, Suffolk and Essex  for a number of generations.  Brian has been a thatcher for over 40 years, he works with his son Tom who is also an accomplished  thatcher and a skillful straw animal maker.
Thatching in Long Straw,Norfolk Reed and repairing the thatched cottages in and around Cambridgeshire, Suffolk and Essex they are kept busy.

If you are looking for a free estimate or advice on your thatched roof please contact us.

Tel:-   01223 892861  or email  brian.mizon@hotmail.co.uk

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Most of the thatched cottages in Cambridgeshire are thatched in long straw.


                          Thatching in Streetly End  Cambridgeshire                                                 


       Straw Fox and Cubs

                                                                                                                                          Cowlinge (Suffolk)           



       Shudy Camps ( One of the oldest cottages in Cambridgeshire)

                                   Straw Jack and Jill                                                            

Long straw gives a much softer appearance than reed, and is well suited to smaller thatched cottages in Cambridgeshire, Suffolk & Essex.


         Straw Witch            


                                                                         Duddenhoe End Essex

The roof pitch of a long straw thatch should be approximately 50 degrees, so the water runs off very quickly. A long straw roof would normally last  20 to 25 years.

                             Straw Hares



                                                                                                                                                              Steeple Bumpstead                    

 Coton ( Cambridgeshire )

img 9                img183                  

      Over ( Cambridgeshire )                                                                                                                             Straw Wolf

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                                                Thatch Tips

  • Keep tall trees away from your thatch.  The drips and the damp environment wear the thatch prematurely.
  • Moss is a sign of dampness.  It is advisable to not let moss build up.  Have the moss removed by a Thatcher.
  • It is said that a strip of copper wire keeps moss at bay.
  • Do not let clematis and trailing plants on the thatch.
  • A television aerial man can cause a lot of damage to a thatched roof.  Where possible site your aerial away from the roof.
  •  If you have your cottage painted ask the painter not to move the wire netting as they seldom put it back properly. 
  • If you are having your roof  re-thatched or repaired it is a good idea to have the chimney checked and if necessary re-pointed first.






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